The Good News[letter]

In early 2013, I started texting my friends cute little ‘good morning’ texts. It’d say something silly like, “You’re full of more goodness than a Chipotle burrito” or “You can do this Monday. You’ve done way harder things than Monday. Go get ‘em.” I loved it but it actually became bigger than my two little thumbs could manage. A while later I started Human Helper. Same concept but emails, yay! In my 9 to 5, I took over the newsletter that went to all of the members of our Women’s Impact Network.

I love newsletters!

When I started Unfiltrd, I knew that I wanted it to have a newsletter portion. Edited by me and featuring other makers within our community and we’ve done it! The Unfiltrd Newsletter drops every Friday morning at 8:00 AM CST and features a little wisdom, a little comedy, and a space place for you to sound off about the week’s topic.

One of my favorite parts of the newsletter is the ‘Sound Off’ portion. How are you learning if we’ve only been talking at you for 4-5 swipes? Use those Sound Off questions to personally development, add to the conversation at your weekend dinner, and/or share your response with us so that it can be featured in the next newsletter.

We love dropping into your inboxes every Friday. We want to know what you’re thinking. We want you to contribute to this conversation.

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