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I’m so happy that podcasts are a thing. When I didn’t have the time to get my self help or business book read on – they are often where I turned to hear from those experts who maybe had some sort of idea what I was going through personally and professionally. I’m often asked which ones I’m listening to and I’m always asking others. Here is my list of favorite podcasts to help you on your journey. Add yours below!

  1. Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday – I mean, you have to start with Oprah and I love the reminder every time that I turn this baby on and that wise lovely human says, “The best gift you can give yourself is time. Time to understand…” You have to give yourself time to understand the present moment and even if I don’t want to listen to the episode, I always walk away with at least one tidbit. Download this immediately. Must Listen Eps.: ALL but if I must choose, Dr. Shefila Tsabary: Conscious Parenting, Marianne Williamson: A Return to Love, Anthony Ray Hinton: Freedom After 30 Years on Death Row

  2. Second Life Podcast by MyDomaine – Hilary Kerr is kind of one my idols and role models. Seriously, the empire that she’s created with Katherine Power is 100% girl power. I love that each week she brings on a guest that has had one career and pivoted it into a new venture and not all of them are entrepreneurs. If you’re stuck in a job and you’re wondering what exactly you’re gaining for your future, listen to this because you are gaining so much that you don’t even know yet. Must Listen Eps.: Jennifer Lopez, Ellen Marie Bennett of Hedley & Bennett, and Tracy Sun of Poshmark.

  3. HBR: Women at Work: This is truly a world class podcast that presents both the problem and the solution. The working guides after each episode are also helpful documents that I’d pass around to my team when I was still in the corporate world. Give this one a chance and if you’re a guy, this is the perfect opportunity to hear from someone with a different perspective or experience. Must Listen Eps.: The Advice We Get and Give, Let’s Do Less Dead-End Work, and Managing Parental Leave (Yours or Someone Else’s)

  4. Bitches Who Brunch: These two are truly on their way to greatness. Here’s the setting: You’re grabbing brunch with your BFF, you’ve had maybe one too many mimosas, and you’re about to dive into some deep subject like how to be an ally, when did you really need the sex talk, and the road to wholeness. Kourtni and Quiana are pretty much your next dope queens. Must Listen Eps.: ALL

Okay, I’m going to stop there. What are your favorite podcasts for personal growth, self development, or the ones that simply make you a better human?

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