Love Challenge #2: My Board of Trustees

Recently, I was facing a big dilemma. Actually, for the past 8 months, I’ve constantly been facing some sort of dilemma. Each time, I kind of knew how I was feeling about it and how I needed to proceed, but instead, I picked up the phone and texted, called, FaceTimed, and even made some actual dinner plans each of my closest friends to talk it out.

It’ has been said that we often seek the advice of the people we know will have the reaction that we’d like to receive. If you want someone to be super supportive, you ask the friend who is always supportive and your cheerleader. If you want someone to be reconsider, you ask that friend who plays devil’s advocate and a bit of a negative Nancy.

If you want someone to be reasonable and approach it as you would through a different lens, you ask your Board of Trustees.

In the midst of my explanation, a friend stopped me and he said, “You know I love you unconditionally.”

That was it. Unconditional love and support is what separates someone from being just a friend or in your tribe to having the coveted role of Board of Trustees member. When shit hits the fan, they are the people you trust to hold your secrets, love you unconditionally, provide you with advice that holds your best interest at heart versus their own, and are able to see your situation from a new angle while allowing you to continue to be the CEO of your life.

Who sits on your Board of Trustees? How are they helping you grow? Let us know below.

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