Life is Not An Emergency

I have a standing appointment on my calendar every Sunday afternoon to plan my week. A few months ago, I thought it would be a good idea as my schedule had turned from M-F, 8 to 5 to really, any and every time at all. I’ve had to fit in part time jobs, writing time, start up life, and a healthy social life for this social butterfly.

I’ll admit that I don’t always make it to this appointment – sometimes I move my little purple 30 minute block around to later that evening or Monday morning. When I do make it to this appointment, arriving 5 minutes early with a handful of snacks to my little corner office in the living room, I carefully take the time to plan out my big ‘SERIOUSLY, KRISTIAN. YOU NEED TO DO THIS,’ list, my ‘WOULDN’T IT BE NICE IF?’ list, my, ‘’WE BOTH KNOW THIS ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN BUT LET’S SCHEDULE IT IN FOR SHITS & GIGGS AND THEN WE CAN BRAG HOW WE HAD A SUPER DUPER PRODUCTIVE WEEK’ list.

What i don’t always end up scheduling is some time to sit in the void. No people. No tv. No music. No scrolling endlessly through Instagram or Twitter. Just me sitting in my space in silence taking a moment to take in all of the life I’m living. When I remember to do it, it’s the best part of my week. I count it as meditation or a deep dive into the self. I’ll reflect on those quiet few moments later on but if anyone know, I’m sure they’d call me some lazy bum because if you’re not twenty something or thirty something and hustling your behind off, you’re doing it wrong, right?

I play the role of hustler when I schedule out my time. I play the role of human when I say ‘to hell’ with scheduling and listen for what I want right then and there in the moment.

Life is not an emergency. We don’t need to race from one minute to the other or one life event to the next. Yes, we only have a finite amount of time but living your life as an emergency or race takes away your peace and we only have a certain amount of nonsense that we can handle before our peace shatters before us.

I don’t think I’ll schedule it but I do what to embrace the void – the absence of plans, tasks, sounds, and multitude of

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