The List: March 2019

Often, self care gets thrown around like a box to check off. I’m guilty of also thinking: “If only I took a bath with a lush bath bomb and get this new serum, I’ll have #wokeuplikethis life”. But as the alternative, I’m a big fan of boring self care (things to take care of yourself that can feel like a big win on days that are hard). Here are some self care things I am loving this month:

Samoas (

Its girl scout cookie season – support these awesome future leaders by buying something to indulge in. I personally think that the samoa serving size is 1 row of cookies. But I’m a big fan of having one cookie with my morning coffee also. You do you.

When self care goes wrong:

Uncover Podcast: season 1 Nxium

Yall this is fascinating!  This is an inside look at a self-help cult. I could definitely relate to Sarah as she is talking about all the promises that NXIUM offered her and the community that it provided. Very gripping and makes you think!

In the category of boring self care: Something that makes cleaning easier

These cloths are next level magic. After watching the creator’s youtube channel Clean My Space (, I have been really inspired about all things cleaning. To help not overwhelm me, I made a list of tasks that were a priority for me to keep clean and let go of the tasks and guilt when everything in the house isn’t always magazine ready. One of the tasks are when counters are clear and clean. So I made my own all purpose spray, used these cloths and shine everything up on the almost daily.

What are your favorite boring self care things? What do you do to keep your mental health in check?

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